ABCBible Club At The En Gedi Youth Center

During the past two school years, En Gedi has overseen a lunchtime Bible Club in both the middle school and Red Hawk buildings. This once-per-week club was very popular! This year we have run into some logistical issues, so we have decided that the best time and place to offer Bible Club is at En Gedi.

Our Bible Club is a question-and-answer learning experience, as we discuss the big stories of the Bible—Creation, Noah’s Ark, David & Goliath, the first Christmas, and others. Parents are welcome to talk with us at anytime about the materials we cover, or to even attend Bible Club.

Bible Club will be offered every Wednesday at En Gedi during our normal homework block (approximately 2:45-3:15pm).

Since we know homework completion is a priority, we don’t want Bible Cub to be the reason our students aren’t taking every advantage to get their homework done. With this in mind, we are asking parents to sign this permission slip, allowing your son or daughter the opportunity to be able to skip homework time on Wednesdays to attend our Bible Club. Even if you sign this, you may request that your son or daughter switch back to homework on any Wednesday that you choose.

You can download and print the permission slip here → Bible Club permission slip

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