video games Video Games One of the favorite activities of En Gedi students during free time is video games. Currently, we have two Wii’s and a Xbox Kinect with lots of fun multi-player games. All of our video games are appropriately screened for kid-friendly content.
 IMG_8623 Foosball A highly popular activity in the Oasis, especially because students look forward to trying to beat Pastor Craig and win a prize!
6811471924_f645b8565a_z Ping-Pong Some of the most intense competitions at En Gedi happen around this table. Singles, doubles, Australian doubles, and even an innovative version called Pingpong-360 are played.
Apples to Apples Engedi Board Games Out of all the board games at En Gedi Apples to Apples is by far the most popular. If you ever need something to cheer you up just come listen to some of the ridiculous answers students come up with.
6957584433_3cd0ec2f1d_z Inside Sports Whenever possible we like to take the students outside for games. When the weather doesn’t permit outdoor activities we move into the gym for games like dodgeball, basketball, floor hockey, and indoor flag football.
baseball Outdoor Sports En Gedi partners with several high school varsity sports teams to have players and coaches come to teach the En Gedi students core skills in their respective sports.

We are also extremely happy to partner with Men of Honor and Ladies of Honor every Thursday afternoon. These programs teach our young men and women how to display the godly characteristics that will make them pacesetting-examples for their peers.

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